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GG Cabin Nov 10th

GG Cabin Nov 10th


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Gather Greene was created first and foremost for event and retreat bookings -and the idea is to be together! For this reason, our cabins are all quite close to each other and there are five groups that share a deck (5 groups of 10 that share decks). Twelve of the cabins look out over our ridge toward the Berkshires and five of the cabins are more nestled into the woods with woodland views. Each cabin has a king bed, a wardrobe with mini fridge, a hairdryer, a beverage nook with an electric kettle, Kuju coffee and instant oatmeal, a full bathroom with a walk in shower, and plenty of heat to keep you warm. All cabins come with wonderfully soft Brooklinen bed linens and towels as well as lovely 2Note toiletries in the bathrooms.

Weather permitting we will have chairs out on the decks and will also do a bonfire Friday and Saturday night! We would love for you guys to join us!

Please keep in mind that we are still in "beta" mode -so while things are almost perfect, there are still things that may not be! That said, we would also love all feedback about your stay!

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