You want an outdoor wedding, but not an outdoor wedding tent. You want to be outside in nature, but also be ready for whatever nature has planned. Allow us to introduce you to the Gather Greene pavilion. Whether you're planning a grand soiree with 250 of your best friends (our max capacity) or a more intimate dinner party, the pavilion has you covered. An interior section within the pavilion houses all supporting amenities; six single use bathrooms, two luxury dressing suites, a generous catering kitchen, and a large upstairs lounge space. In other words; this pavilion is the answer to your outdoor event dreams. 


Indoor | Outdoor

With the Berkshire Mountains to the East and the Catskill Mountains to the West, the pavilion offers 4000 square feet of open covered space with views that don't quit when you walk inside. A great abundance of electrical outlets and zero columns means you have the flexibility to set the stage (whether real or metaphorical) exactly as you like. 


Architectural Screens

The light, sculptural screening walls of the pavilion offer unobstructed views of the sprawling field and mountains beyond, while casting dramatic shadows within. In the event of inclement weather, motorized shades are easily lowered, protecting the screening walls and your event from any offending rain or wind.   

Installation Friendly Screens

We want you to make our space, your space. The pavilion was designed with creative installations in mind. Create cozy corners with rugs and furnishings, cover the screens in foliage, flowers, or lights. We can't wait to see your ideas come to life. That said, we also think the simple design of the pavilion stands beautifully on its own, whether dressed up -or left bare.

Installation Wall

36 feet wide and topping off at 28 feet tall, this wall presents dramatic opportunities. The big secret is that we've installed small eye hooks every four feet... accommodating all kinds of creative visions...


Prep Suites

Not just one dressing suite, but two! We feel pretty strongly that everyone needs a beautiful place to get gorgeous with their people (and take gorgeous photos). Suite 1 is more geared towards hair and make-up, with plenty of natural light and as many mirrors as we could fit. Suite 2 was created more for the great art of lounging, with a luxuriously soft sectional providing plenty of seating. Both suites offer full en-suite bathrooms, heat and air conditioning, dimmable designer lighting, as well as the requisite bar cart. 


Upstairs Lounge

Our upstairs lounge offers 725 square feet of flexible indoor comfort. We've filled the space with sofas, rugs, blankets, chairs, and tables, but please feel free to rearrange the furniture. Whether it's an early morning yoga class, team meeting, or intimate dinner party -the lounge is the place. With heat, air conditioning, and dimmable lighting -this space is also perfect all year round. 


Boulder Bar

This 20 foot long chunk of shale wasn't always sitting pretty in front of the pavilion. It originally came out of the field during our construction process. The moment we laid eyes on its naturally flat top we knew it was destined for greatness. Exactly how we moved this giant rock across the field is another story, but it has become the perfect spot for hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, or just hanging out and looking at the mountains.


Pavilion Fire Pit

Just behind the pavilion some fire pits have taken root, along with another large boulder that works perfectly as a s'mores fixings platter. But don't worry, just because you are behind the pavilion doesn't mean you need to miss out on mountain views.