All the comforts of a tiny hotel room, in the middle of the woods. With a grand picture window, you will feel like you are out in nature, but with air conditioning, heating, and warm showers, you will be able to enjoy it like never before. Each one of our seventeen cabins comes with an outside deck, a king size bed, bathroom, closet with large mirror, mini fridge, and caffeine fix.


Indoor | Outdoor

What is the right size for a tiny hotel room in the woods? Not too big -because then you lose the woods, but not so small that you can't stretch out. King size bed seemed just right. Your cabin isn't much wider than the width of the bed, but trust us, it doesn't need to be. 


Architectural Drama

Your big window wall takes center stage and packs the cabin with drama, while the solid walls surrounding you keep things extra private. Brooklinen sheets and towels add that extra level of lux. 


Don't want to miss out on the view? Don't worry, the mirrored wardrobe door reflects the outdoors, bringing it further into the cabin, even in the moonlight. The wardrobe behind the mirror has room for long dresses and pants as well as plenty of shorter clothing. You'll find a mini fridge hiding back there too. 


We wouldn't leave you in the woods without a bathroom and you'll find all the essentials behind the white doors. On one side you have your toilet with sink and vanity, and on the other your walk-in shower. Your bathroom comes complete with sumptuous handmade organic and local toiletries from 2 Note Hudson.  Pro tip -leave the shower door open and feel like you are showering in a tree house. 



Your woodland stay definitely includes caffeine -because trust us -you won't want to get out of that bed. A hidden door in the wall reveals your beverage nook, complete with hot water kettle, Kuju pour over coffee, tea, milk, sugar, stevia, cups and stirrers. Small wall niches take the place of nightstands and provide you with a place to tuck your book, electricity for chargers, and of course a bedside light. 



Each cabin has a deck that is at least the same footprint of the cabin itself. Some decks are shared, some decks are larger, and some decks get edgy. All decks have chairs, a small table, an outdoor light, and killer views. 


Placement | Together but Private

Although the cabins are quite private once you are inside, the big idea is to be together, and so we have placed all of the cabins in close proximity to each other. Twelve cabins are looking out over our ridge towards the Berkshires, and 5 cabins are nestled into the woods slightly further apart. All cabins have little woodland paths leading right up to them with plenty of bistro bulbs to light your way.