Wondering what all the fuss is about the grounds at Gather Greene? It's hard to describe just what it feels like to be here, but we'll try. We sit on over 100 acres, but all of the main attractions live in relatively close vicinity at the very top of our great ridge. From this vantage point, your gaze travels clear through to Massachusetts and the Berkshire Mountains. The ridge also grants amazing privacy, and of course we took advantage of this feature of the landscape, placing the cabins right on the precipice, so you can feel like you're sleeping in a tree house (no ladder necessary!). What else do we have up here? Well, since we are perfectly located between two mountain ranges -views of the Catskill Mountains can also be enjoyed from the pavilion and massive field just outside. Did we mention we also have an old blasted out shale quarry (complete with pond) that feels like an oasis in the middle of woods? Oh and of course there's the wooded trails, the hammock circles, the lower fields, and watching the sun rise from your cozy cabin bed. 


Open Fields

Once upon a time Gather Greene was a dairy farm -and we are left with the legacy of many massive green fields and rolling hills. Are there photo ops at every turn? Why yes, yes there are.


Mountain Views

It's true, you really do see two different mountain ranges from Gather Greene. Depending on the visibility, the view will vary, but whether they're soft and faded, or clear and contoured -they are always enchanting. 

The Woods

There's nothing quite like the serenity that sneaks up on you as you walk through the dappled sunlight, filtering down through the leaves. Go ahead, breathe it in. Maybe you’re searching for a peek of the wildlife, or maybe you’re searching for a hammock -either way, you're in the right place.

Enana Nduku

Enana Nduku

Tree Lined Paths

You won't lose your way, stone paths lead you through the woods and right up to each cabin, the shale quarry, and the pavilion. When the sun goes down, count on our strings of bistro bulbs. 


The Quarry

According to local lore, the shale quarry was originally blasted out in the late 70's. The town of Coxsackie used the shale to lay down roads, both old and new. This shale is still used for our Gather Greene roads today! But more than that, this rocky oasis is the perfect location both for al fresco dining as well as some serious bonfire time.


The Pond

Because of a minor miscalculation, the shale quarry was blasted a bit deeper than expected -and lucky for us, created a pond! We've built out a "jetty" leading to the center, where it gets up to about 14 feet deep -the perfect spot to convene with the tadpoles and hunt for crystals.  


The Shale

The raw nature of our rock walls and mounds of shale, create a rather unexpected "moonscape". We urge you to take advantage of these features, and the opportunities they present. Oh and did we mention there are veins of quartz crystals running through the shale? Magic all around. 



Fields of wildflowers, so many you can get lost in them, get out there and run around like the models do, you know you want to. 



When the sun sets at Gather Greene, it bathes the sky in hues of pink, purple, and orange. Sunset views from the pavilion and the boulder bar really can't be beat. 


Starry Nights

When the amount of stars you see in the sky blows your mind, it might mean you are out in the country far away from the light and pollution of the city. It might also mean you're at Gather Greene. We know that many places can boast of stargazing, but here at Gather Greene our starry nights will fill you with awe, guaranteed.